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Month: February 2014

Remember when I had a hoarder room? It’s not a hoarder room any more!

(With the exception of the things on the floor here, which have since been put away).

Still to come: curtains! (currently on the floor) Wall art! Woo.

If I were braver and sassier I would respond to the “I could never do that” statement/question with, Hey, just so you know, I cried and cried over running out of staples because finding the staples to refill the stapler just seemed too hard. Then I cried over a crazy blog comment that wasn’t directed at me and didn’t involve me in any way, because it was hateful and mean. Then the next day I realized how blatantly crazy it was. Then I cried because I bought “no sugar added” mandarin oranges but it was just code for “artificial sweetener added” and I felt betrayed and lied to and afraid I would get sick.

Because all of this is true.

In other, better news, I finally have the makings of a nursery! Second bedroom is finally starting to come together, slowly. The hoarder room has been cleaned out (except for the closet, but babies don’t use closets, really… right? And I need a place to store my stuff), I bought a crib mattress, acquired a crib (not the one I bought, which is missing parts, but Josh’s old crib, which was my old crib, which actually seems safer than a new crib with missing parts), bought crib bedding, bought toddler bedding, bought curtains, bought a pennant made from an old quilt, bought some little gold wall flowers (as opposed to wallflowers), and realized that neither the social worker or the fire inspector are going to be inspecting the room for aesthetics, and they probably aren’t going to deny me on the grounds of not having purchased enough wall decor yet.