One year ago I said this:

“I am just TIRED, and I was tired yesterday and I was tired today. Is this what my favorite holiday does? I don’t know. I woke up today when my alarm went off, and I remember standing at the bathroom sink thinking I still feel just as exhausted as I did yesterday.”

And the answer is yes. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY DOES. I was going to get up early and go get my SS card today but my alarm went off and I was like LOL NOPE. I DESERVE A RECOVERY DAY FROM DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME. And I went back to sleep.

Then I emailed with my social worker and she said, “THREE MORE THINGS!!!” which is the SS card (tomorrow… so I’m going to bed soon), car insurance (I finally picked up the phone and CALLED THEM, UGH, and then the representative was like “I will email you a copy of your policy in 5-10 minutes!” and then he emailed and apologized because their system is slow and guess what, it’s now been 5+ hours, and they gave me a survey saying “how much trouble did you go through to contact us” and I want to say “ALL OF IT, BECAUSE I USED MY PHONE AS A PHONE”). And… I forget the third thing. Oh. It was the form I already sent back. So, two more things!

She also said, “Maybe by the end of the week?” and you know what… yes. TERRIFYING. But yes. LET’S DO IT. That puts me at getting licensed ONE YEAR from my home buying anniversary, and I’ve joked in my head, only in the past week, that I should try to make that one-year deadline. So I could say I moved and was licensed within a year. Because for whatever reason that matters to me. Because I was like I have a feeling this will happen faster than I thought and it was going to be my five year plan, but it became a one year plan.

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