When You Wish Upon A Mall

When You Wish Upon A Mall

The Disney store is open again and as much as I hate how stores have to remodel EVERY SIX MONTHS it was definitely worth it. It feels like the Disney Store of my childhood. It feels magical.

They are having a grand opening tomorrow with Mickey and Minnie. The employee asked if we were COMING TO THE GRAND OPENING TOMORROW!!!

I said probably not. They said HAD I HEARD ABOUT THE SPECIAL GUESTS!!!!

I said, “I just want their first meeting with Mickey and Minnie to be… not in the mall.”

She looked at like me like I was crazy. But how do you not understand this? Isn’t that part of your job requirement, to understand this? Mickey and Minnie in the mall is every nightmare I had as a child where I would be going to Disney World and then suddenly turn a corner and end up in my living room.

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