Grad School, Part 2

Grad School, Part 2

So here’s the part I didn’t mention about the graduate program: when I spoke with the admissions counselor back when I found it, she told me that they limit the number of tuition exchange students that are accepted each year/term. I told her that while I was very motivated, I wasn’t in a hurry, and I would wait as long as it took for a spot to open up.

But every time I thought about it or looked at the webpage, I felt the same excitement. Just that thrill of this is it, this is the next right thing. I haven’t felt that in a school/professional capacity in a long time. I don’t know if I’ve felt it at all in any capacity in a long time. And as much as I don’t want to do anything, and as much as I want to start all the projects at once (blogs! Lifebooks! Coloring books! Videos! Photobooks! oh spring, the things you do to me), I’m excited about it. I know it will be difficult. I know it is another degree that will not help my ability to find a lucrative career in any way. But I want it. Intensely.

So the tuition exchange limit was starting to frustrate me.

And then I had the crazy thought, borderline magical thinking thought, if I could write a really good admissions essay then maybe they would want me, and they would be like, we like you! Come to school anyway! We want to recruit you because you are so cool and awesome! Look at your knowledge already!

This is the baggage of growing up watching too many Disney Channel original movies – this starts to seem like a plausible scenario.

I wrote an essay, and then I chopped it up and cut it down to fit the 500 word limit. I threw out my first few drafts and finally winged it. I made sure it was moderately structured. I quoted Harry Potter and Dr. Karyn Purvis. I stopped avoiding using the “I’m a foster parent” reason and told the truth – I want this degree for my own education, and I want this degree to be able to speak more authoritatively for the sake of my children.

I got my (academic) acceptance, which was no surprise in any way, and yet even then I was oddly anxious about it. Even though I already have a master’s degree (summa cum laude, yo) and the requirements are a bachelor’s degree with a 3.0. I was nervous. But acceptance didn’t mean I could start any time soon.

The admissions counselor called me today and she said they received my official transcripts (I was accepted based on a copy/paste of my unofficial transcripts), and also that she had spoken with her HR (?) director and congratulations, they had decided to offer me acceptance as a tuition exchange student for Fall term. The director “was so moved” by my personal statement they decided to let me start in Fall.


I started crying on the phone, because I’m a grown up and I do what I want.

So come September, I’m going to have to actually do things!

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