Someone Call Hoarders

Someone Call Hoarders

I did an exit clothing inventory tonight. I never did an entry one because my kids came from another foster placement, and I assume they did it. I can assume that they stuck with exactly what was recommended/required and no more, based on how few clothes they initially had. Also what the last foster family purchased was pretty clearly What Was Available At Target, with little real thought behind it (e.g., seersucker blazer… with nothing to wear with it). And that was it.

You had these kids for two months, and you got by on two pairs of pajamas?! Nobody has time to do that much laundry. And to do this when you get a daily clothing allowance for them just because they exist? And when kids clothes are cute and bright and so tiny?! It was my therapy to take that clothing allowance and let it build up and then binge at Baby Gap.

I did the clothing inventory based on their current summer clothes (with exceptions for counting from memory their jackets/sweaters/sweatshirts). I forgot some. I didn’t count casual dresses. I forgot to count some fancy dresses. I didn’t have any place to note their multiple swimsuits. It was obscene. 35 tshirts, 25 pairs of shorts obscene.

But a) free clothes, b) Carter’s is cheap and c) KIDS ARE MESSY. We went through three swimsuits in a day (because who wants to put on a wet swimsuit? Nobody! It’s gross! And they were like $4 at Old Navy last year).

Somebody call the people who make Hoarders.

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